Looking for a homestay in San Diego

United States
Hi, my name is Joshua Hooker. I have just graduated San Diego Christian College with a B.S Degree in Aviation, I'm currently finishing up my flight training at SAA International in El Cajon. I am also currently working at the flight school as the chief pilot's assistant. My goal is to become a certified flight instructor this summer. My family all live on the east coast unfortunately and most of my friends have left San Diego after graduating so I am in desperate need of a place to stay while I finish flight school. I've been able to stay with a friends family until the end of July so I am hoping to find a new place soon!

- Joshua

Requested Dates Monthly Budget Profile
Fri Jul 19 2019 to ??? $700 USD
No meals requested
Does not smoke
Travel purpose: work (SAA International)
Between 21 and 29 years of age